Trips to the US and British Virgin Islands

While we do customize every single one of our trips based on what our guests want to do we offer a few main types of trips:

  • Full Day Trip: This tour leaves the Coral Bay Dinghy Dock at 9 AM and returns around 4 or 5.  As mentioned, there is no set schedule, and we listen to what is important to you.  Want to sit at White Bay kicking back with painkillers all day?  Done.  Want to see some of the best snorkeling spots after lunch at Foxy’s Taboo?  Sounds like a plan.  Ready for the shot ski and to jump off at the Willy T?  Yeah, we have done that too.  The point is – we love these islands and we love it when our guests have a blast, that’s the best.
  • Half Day Trip: A half day is a little less expensive, but since it is less time, this charter has to stay local because we don’t have enough time to clear customs.  But that is completely fine!  St. John has some amazing cays, snorkeling reefs and sights to be seen which are only accessible by boat!
  • BVI or USVI : Once you’ve decided how long you want to stay out on the water you will need to decide about the BVI versus staying in the USVI.  The main difference is you do have to clear customs to check into the BVI, this is a process we are well acquainted with and do on almost all of our charters.  The BVI is well favored over staying in the USVI.  However, it does save you your customs fees to stay local and going around St. John has a lot to offer as well.  So, take a look around, feel free to ask us questions about what’s best for you and we will for sure make the right decision – and any day on the water is an excellent day!

These are our main types of trips, past that, its all about where you go.  So, take a look around our website to help you make a decision…or are you ready to book today?

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