2021 Season Wind Down!

2021 Season Wind Down!

Colin, Leah and Thatch


WOW!  It has been a WHIRLWIND of a season!  So, I have to tell you – there have been so many topics I have intended to blog about this entire season but I simply have not had the time to sit down and write about all of our incredible experiences of 2021 so far.  But wowsa – it’s been one for the books!

Above all else – it’s just been super busy!  First and foremost we would like to thank each and every one of you for your business and joining us for adventures on the ocean.  We love what we do, sharing the seas with you, and we look forward to more adventures with all of you!

Thatch has grown like a weed this season.  While it seems like yesterday he couldn’t hold his own bottle, he is now almost 16 months, and running around the boatyard like crazy.  He loves everything to do with the water and especially loves to welcome his “Da” as he comes in from his charters.

Just as Thatch grown and changed, so has FlyAway throughout the season.  From replacing engines in the middle of season’s rush to welcoming new captains and vessels to our family, it’s been quite a season!    We welcomed two boats to our FlyAway Family, Da Fete, a 2017 Glacier Bay World Cat, our new luxury offering, and Wandalust, a 1985 Molly Cove which does two hour trips to Lime Out and back.  With Da Fete joining the family, we are also now able to offer 3 boat tandem charters.  This month we are also finishing our certification to welcome 8 passengers on our vessel, Oh Be Joyful.  We are thrilled to share that our history and snorkeling charter, St. John: UNCOVERED, is becoming popular which is fantastic!  While all of our captains are trained in basic St. John historical information, Colin is the only captain qualified for St. John: UNCOVERED.  His availability will be limited, so book your history trips early my friends!

We’ve been thankful and proud to have our boats captained by the best captains on island and we are excited to welcome our captains back next season!  You can look forward to seeing the same amazing trusted faces again at FlyAway and meeting some new ones as well.  We’ve got such a great group of captains to take care of you and Colin is still at the helm too!

More good news when it comes to booking!  Soon we will be offering online reservations!  Super excited about that!  But – while you can book online, I (Leah) am still here for you for all of your questions, just an email/phone call/text away.  We encourage you to reach out, as I do not want to lose our personal connection by offering online booking.  We’re still here for ya!  You know how much I/we love yall!!!

Lot’s to catch you up on that’s happened throughout the season.  We hope you have kept up with us on social media but I plan to elaborate on many of our adventures here.  Like what its like to plan a regatta (seriously – try corralling a bunch of Coral Bay sailors, running a charter company, and taking care of your kiddo!  It’s always a riot but it seems to always work out!), or what it was like to raft up to a container ship, or what really is the story with the East End Schoolhouse!  Oh goodness I almost forgot – how about when we took out National Geographic photographers David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes to film Diving with a Purpose + also our work with them and the shipwreck?  Like I said, lots to talk about.  Season is winding down for us, so I plan to have time to write (I HOPE) now and catch up on adventures.  We also have some exciting things in store for next season, so stay tuned for those plans too!

Hope everyone is healthy, well and taking care!

Lots of love and St. John sunshine to you!