Coming Up: A new charter for those who LOVE the sea!

Coming Up: A new charter for those who LOVE the sea!

The world beneath the surface
 Fall in deeper love with the ocean as you learn more!

Hi FlyAway Friends!

This off season we have been hard at work with all sorts of new, fun ideas for the 2022-2023 and we can’t WAIT to bring them all to you!  In honor of Ocean Week, today we are thrilled to tell you about our new charter option we will be bringing you this year for those who love the sea!

After chartering for some 20 years here as first crew, then captains and now owners too, we felt something was missing as many of our guests yearned something for more, something deeper, more immersive.  So many of our guests mirror our deep love affair with the ocean, so we put our thinking caps on.  How could we give our FlyAway Friends what they were wanting?  A special charter, something for those who really love the sea?

 Captain Glenn

Our Captain Glenn Harman, a C.O.R.E. Strike Team leader, is a fountain of information as he has studied the science behind the stunning seas throughout his life’s work both on the ocean and under it.  So, we chatted with him about offering a new specialty charter which will be similar to St. John: UNCOVERED in design, but instead of history we will dive into the ocean’s breadth.  Captain Glenn loved the idea!  And so our Sea Lover’s charter began! We are so excited!  Curious about turtles and other sea critters?  Maybe you’ve wanted to know more about how coral grows, and the various types?  Questions about the threats our ocean faces and what we can do?  This charter option will be for you.

Captain Glenn will have several options in the beginning of your charter to delve into, subjects like Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, Sea Urchin die off, sargassum, lionfish, growing coral and so much more.  We can still hop over to Lime Out lunch and you’ll still snorkel the same amazing reefs we love taking you to!  But now, you can understand so much more of what you’re seeing through your snorkel mask.

Stay tuned!  We are still refining the fine points of this charter, so let us know what YOU are looking for!  What would you want to learn more about?  What are you interested in?  Chime in on any social media thread, email or DM!