Our Life Aquatic!

Hi FlyAway Friends!  Leah here, and I have decided with this weird world of 2020 and some adventures we have ahead to start sharing our lives a little more with you through a blog.  Some of you know us very well, others know bits and pieces and some not really at all but I beyond am excited to start making that connection stronger as I share the crazy experiences Colin and I call “life”.  

Our lives together on St. John are never anything short of an “adventure” to say the least.  We call the ocean our home, living for years on boats, and not just any boats, but two boats with character, stories, and hearts and make our living on the water.   What has become “normal” to me I am reminded by friends and family is really anything but.  I hope that yall all will get a kick out of me sharing all about our special – and different – little world!  

This year has added an all new depth to our lives in many different ways.  With the COVID pandemic causing us to lose a lot of our busiest part of season Colin and I decided to consider some different options for our off season.  Normally, we are some of the few who stay on St. John through hurricane season.  We always felt it was best to stay near the boats and take advantage of the quieter time of year to enjoy the water and nature we are so blessed to call home.  But this year is quite different, and so are our options.  Colin is originally from Sitka, Alaska which is a small town on a big island of approximately 8,000 people.  His family all still lives there and his brother owns a successful and growing commercial diving company called Hanson Maritime.  Back in March as the COVID pandemic began to unfold Colin’s brother told us if we wanted to come to Sitka, Colin had a job waiting him.  We thought about it for a week or so and decided in April we would spend off season in Sitka.  We likely would have gone sooner but in May our first child was due, a son, so that definitely took precedence in our planning.  Our lil bundle, Thatcher James Hanson, joined us on a beautiful Sunday morning at 12:03 AM on May 3rd in nothing short of a grand entrance of his own.  But, I’ll share more on that another day.  So after months of planning, our Alaska adventure is about to commence!  Stay tuned for more!Thatch's first boat ride