About Flyaway Charters VI

We know you have many choices when it comes to exploring the Virgin Islands by boat, so let us explain why we are the best.  What always has set us apart is our experience and our easy going mentality.  Flyaway is one of the longest running powerboat charter companies on St. John and we are so proud to offer you an incredible experience on the water.  We know you have choices for your day on the ocean, and we know you will not regret choosing us. We know how to drive our boats to make the smoothest rides, quick decisions to always keep you incredibly comfortable and relaxed.  Our knowledge of the islands as well as the reefs underneath the water is extensive and we know all sorts of fun island beach bars to relax and leave all stateside worries behind…  We can compete with the best, we have been doing this for years, we know all the fun characters behind these bars and restaurants too.  We are who we are from years and years of experiences, and we have some awesome stories to tell.  Come along and lets makes some memories!  The best part is – for the day of the charter – we view the boat as yours and we will do all we can to accommodate all you want to do.  So, let’s get going, and kick up some waves and see all these islands have to offer.  But first, lets get to know the us a little more……

Some Exciting Changes!

We are still the same Flyaway Charters, the same boats, the same style, the same pirate swag, but there have been some changes…..

Captain Truman, or as we know him, The Boss, has traded in his engines for a Mini Wini and retired.  The Boss and his Mrs. Wonderful are touring the great United States and have retired.  Don’t worry, they promise they will be back to hang with us!

The “Pup”,  as Captain Truman named him, or Captain Colin and his First Mate, Leah, (who has many many nicknames around here, Lilac, Lucy, Lobster Leah, the list goes on and on), have taken over the helm of Flyaway Charters!  It couldn’t be more fitting!  Captain Colin moved down to St. John in 1998 and has always had a passion for the sea.  He first crewed and captained on Breath for several years and after Breath stopped chartering moved over to Flyaway.  He captained for Captain Truman for about 5 years. As soon as First Mate Leah and Colin were together she was trying to keep on the boats as much as she could to learn.  Soon thereafter, she was using her photography, social media, and website skills to help out anywhere she could.  Leah’s father had owned a scuba charter business in Coral Bay from 05-11 so the love of the ocean is in her blood.  Captain Colin and First Mate Leah are so excited to grow Flyaway Charters and are so thankful that Captain Truman believes in us to take over the helm!

Captain Colin  “The Pup”

IMG_0472 (1)

Originally from Sitka, AK, Colin grew up around fishing and boats.  In 1998, Colin came down to St. John on a trip and just never seemed to make it back, instead he quickly made St. John his new home.  Colin learned to sail here on St. John and the 80 year old wooden sailboat he owns now is his second, which he has owned about 12 years.  Colin is an excellent sailor and his great experience sailing, returning to Alaska to crab in the summers and diverse experience on the water makes him an excellent captain.  One of his favorite things to do is scuba dive, so he is a wonderful resource on charter for picking great snorkel spots!  He has been captaining both sailboats and powerboat charters in VI for 13 years on top of his recreational experience, so this guy will definitely take excellent care of you!


Captain Truman, Retired

Truman looks so Captainly here!


Owner of Flyaway Charters, Captain Truman Barbier, has been a boater all of his life. Originally from Michigan, Truman has 24 Mackinaw races to his name winning two of them 1st Overall and finishing in the top of his fleet more often than not.

In 1998, he traded the racing goals for cruising, and he and his family headed south through the Hudson into the ocean to the Caribbean. After 5 years, they settled in Coral Bay, St. John had cast its spell on the Barbier’s. 18 years later, Captain Truman had the business going strong with three boats and several excellent captains committed to providing you one of the best days of your vacation.  Captain Truman retired, handing the helm over to Captain Colin and First Mate Leah in late spring of 2017.  He and Mrs. Wonderful are now exploring the great United States in their land yacht and are sure to have many more adventures to entertain us all!   

Captain Ron (Larry) Retired

Sir Francis Drake Channel Powerboat Trip

Captain Ron has extensive experience on the water with both powerboats and sailing.  He has made several Atlantic passages Captain Ron has extensive experience on the water with both powerboats and sailing and just about anything that floats.  Although his real name is Larry, his name Captain Ron is his favored handle.  With his years on the water, quick wit and ability to make even the best day even better, you will quickly fall in love with good ol’ Captain Ron.  Captain Ron now lives in Marco Island, FL with his loving lady, Karen.  


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