A Whale of a Day!

First off I just have to say: WOW!  What an amazing day we were gifted on Wednesday!!!  Ok sorry – had to just get that off my chest!  Before we move on – a little background on this whale saga for me:  Humpbacks regularly come through the USVI Feb/March and I have never been lucky enough to see any.  There have … Read More


Oh my goodness it has been AGES since I have written anything on  our blog!  All I can say is I have been super busy exploring and getting into all sorts of fun in Alaska (and I am super sorry for not blogging more).  The weeks have been full of new experiences, finding a new normal and getting to know … Read More

Hello Alaska!

Well, here we are, in Alaska!   Today has been rainy all day, in the 50s.  And I have to say – quite surprisingly – I am loving this much more than I ever expected, which is such a blessing.   Our travel day was kind of what I expected, tough but doable.  Thatch was kind of needy in the … Read More

And So, the Adventure Begins!

Way back in April when Colin accepted his brother’s offer of work for a few months in our off season this day seemed so far away.  At the time I was 7.5 months pregnant and the uncertain future of a COVID world was definitely making me nervous on countless levels.  But, Colin and I are no stranger to challenges life … Read More

Our Life Aquatic!

Hi FlyAway Friends!  Leah here, and I have decided with this weird world of 2020 and some adventures we have ahead to start sharing our lives a little more with you through a blog.  Some of you know us very well, others know bits and pieces and some not really at all but I beyond am excited to start making … Read More