Our New Logo: The Story; the Artist and the Design!

AVAST YE!  Happy Monday FlyAway Friends!  We are so excited to share our news with you: our new logo!  We here at FlyAway Charters are every bit of a small, family owned company and so our growth steps are small – but to us they are huge – which makes them all the more exciting for us to share them … Read More

2021 Season Wind Down!

2021 SEASON WIND DOWN WOW!  It has been a WHIRLWIND of a season!  So, I have to tell you – there have been so many topics I have intended to blog about this entire season but I simply have not had the time to sit down and write about all of our incredible experiences of 2021 so far.  But wowsa … Read More

Hello 2021!

Just as we always do as a new year begins, we too are finding ourselves reflective and excited with this new year dawning.  But 2021 brings an even greater sense of anticipation as we all seek to shed the frustrations, sadness and all the anguish 2020 brought with it.  But as we look back on 2020 I hope we can … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Thanksgiving every year gives all of us a time to sit back and reflect on all we are thankful for.  I remember our “Friendsgiving” after Hurricane Irma, thrown by our friends in the shattered perfectly beautiful mess of Indigo Grill, doing just that back in 2017.  Looking around at our friends, an oasis amidst the destruction – though much … Read More

A Whale of a Day!

First off I just have to say: WOW!  What an amazing day we were gifted on Wednesday!!!  Ok sorry – had to just get that off my chest!  Before we move on – a little background on this whale saga for me:  Humpbacks regularly come through the USVI Feb/March and I have never been lucky enough to see any.  There have … Read More


Oh my goodness it has been AGES since I have written anything on  our blog!  All I can say is I have been super busy exploring and getting into all sorts of fun in Alaska (and I am super sorry for not blogging more).  The weeks have been full of new experiences, finding a new normal and getting to know … Read More

Hello Alaska!

Well, here we are, in Alaska!   Today has been rainy all day, in the 50s.  And I have to say – quite surprisingly – I am loving this much more than I ever expected, which is such a blessing.   Our travel day was kind of what I expected, tough but doable.  Thatch was kind of needy in the … Read More

And So, the Adventure Begins!

Way back in April when Colin accepted his brother’s offer of work for a few months in our off season this day seemed so far away.  At the time I was 7.5 months pregnant and the uncertain future of a COVID world was definitely making me nervous on countless levels.  But, Colin and I are no stranger to challenges life … Read More

Our Life Aquatic!

Hi FlyAway Friends!  Leah here, and I have decided with this weird world of 2020 and some adventures we have ahead to start sharing our lives a little more with you through a blog.  Some of you know us very well, others know bits and pieces and some not really at all but I beyond am excited to start making … Read More