Fly out to Lime Out

Fly Out to Lime Out Boat Shuttle

***Amidst the COVID Pandemic we are unable to run our touch and go shuttle.  We are still happy to offer private shuttle rides out to Lime Out at the rate of $125 an hour for up to six people.  This must be scheduled ahead of time though, so please shoot us a text (340)-514-9627 or (340)514-7403 or an email to*****

We are excited to now be working with the awesome Lime Out Crew to bring you an option to visit Lime Out at their new sweet digs in Coral Harbor. We are shuttling guests out to Lime Out from a parking area on land across the harbor for $13 RT cash. Guests for the shuttle should park at Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis and wait there until it is their turn to board the shuttle. Our Lil Taco Taxi will run steadily back and forth, doing pick-ups approx every 15 minutes so there is no need to be concerned about reservations. Our captains work hard to provide you with a quick and lovely ride to your destination and gratuity for your captain is greatly appreciated.

Here are some FAQs on how this great new option works:
Q: Where do I park?
A: Parking for the FlyOut to LimeOut shuttle is at Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis.

Q: Where is Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis?
A: In Coral Bay right before The Danforth and Cocoloba shopping areas. See map.

Q: Where do I go and what do I do after I have parked?
A: There is a signup sheet in Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis that each member of your group will sign into after arriving. The shuttle can only take 8 at a time and is on a first come first served basis so there may be a small wait at peak times. You can hang out in the shade at Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis, use the restroom or grab a drink while waiting for the shuttle. You will be led across the street by a member of our team or the Lime Out team who will be around to monitor the shore side and help you. DO NOT WAIT FOR THE BOAT SHUTTLE IN THE STREET. STAY OUT OF THE STREET UNTIL DIRECTED.

Q: I didn’t rent a car. Can I take a taxi to Coral Bay?
A: For sure! You can set up a taxi to take you at predetermined times or reach out to Owen with Owen’s Taxi and Tours. Owen is providing a great option to get you into Coral Bay providing a scenic and informative island tour along your way to Coral Bay. Call or text Owen at 340-626-6274 to reserve your spot! ($35 RT for the taxi)

Q: What do I bring?
A: We recommend you bring as little as possible with you. IE sun protection, shoes, money, waterproof or water protected camera. If you have a dry bag we certainly recommend bringing it. You will have to wade through some water to get to the shuttle and you will be in the water at Lime Out so do not bring anything that can’t get wet. We do recommend wearing a coverup or t shirt, as walking in a swimsuit with no cover is not respectful to local law and customs. Dry bags are available at Jolly Dog Trading next door in the same building as The Danforth or also at Lime Out itself.

Q: What tips do you have about shoes?
A: You will want to keep your shoes on for part of your walk out to the boat, so do bring them. You are more than welcome to leave your shoes on the boat while you are at Lime Out. You are also welcome to leave your coverup or t-shirt on the boat while you are there too.

Q: Can I make a reservation?
A: This service is a first come first served type of system and does not take reservations. The boat shuttle runs back and forth constantly and the majority of the time there is not much of a wait if one at all. We average 3-4 trips an hour, leaving about 15 min between pickups.

Q: How many people can go on the boat at once?
A: 8 ppl

Q: What time does the shuttle run?
A: First shoreline pickup at 1045 and last shoreline pickup at 4.

For any other questions, please contact us.
Call or text 1-340-514-9627 or 1-340-514-7403
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