Fly Out to Lime Out Boat Shuttle

We are excited to now be working with the awesome Lime Out Crew to bring you an option to visit Lime Out at their new sweet digs in Coral Harbor.  Shuttles will be offered on Mondays and Thursdays and there is limited space, so book your shuttle in advance.   Shuttles will run every two hours for $195 which includes captain, fuel, and the boat for up to six people.  To book you can email us at or call/text 340-514-9627.

Here are some FAQs on how this great new option works:
Q: Where do I park?
A: Parking is available at the Coral Bay Dinghy Dock.

Q: I didn’t rent a car. Can I take a taxi to Coral Bay?
A: For sure! You can set up a taxi to take you at predetermined times.  A couple taxis we know of who will take you out to Coral Bay are Owen with Owen’s Taxi and Tours and Kadija Prentice. Call or text Owen at 340-626-6274 to reserve your spot and Kadija at ‭ (340) 513-8562‬!  Make sure to reserve this in advance!

Q: What do I bring?
A: You are welcome to bring whatever you would like to be comfortable, our boat has ample seating, space, storage and shade. Things you may want to bring: sun protection, shoes, money, waterproof or water protected camera. If you have a dry bag we certainly recommend bringing it. You will be in the water at Lime Out so do not bring anything that can’t get wet. We do recommend wearing a coverup or t shirt, as walking in a swimsuit with no cover is not respectful to local law and customs.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
A: Absolutely.  If you haven’t, you’re always welcome to call and see if we can get you out last minute, but your best chance is to reserve your spot in advance.

Q: How many people can go on the boat at once?
A: 6 ppl

Q: What times does the shuttle run?
A: 10:45; 1; 3:15

Q: Will we stay on the boat or get to hang out at Lime Out?
A:  As long as there is a float available, you will be able to go into Lime Out.  Otherwise you can hang out aboard our boat and enjoy the water around us and Lime there!  We have our own floats for you to enjoy, ample shade and seating aboard the boat, and fun will be had either way!

For any other questions, please contact us.
Call or text 1-340-514-9627 or 1-340-514-7403
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