Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is the smallest of the four main islands of the British Virgin Islands, the northern portion of the archipelago of the Virgin Islands. Named for an early Dutch settler and former pirate, beautiful beaches and colorful folklore make up Jost Van Dyke. Home to the world famous Foxy’s Old Years Eve Party, Sailing regattas and fun beach bars.  Jost has two main harbors, Great Harbor and White Bay as well as a couple other spots not to miss.

Great Harbor is the first stop to make at Jost, as it is where the customs house is.  After checking in you will find their road is of sand, and shoes are most commonly left behind.  Hammocks adorn the beach to relax and kick back, if you aren’t relaxed enough yet.  Come visit Foxy at his world renowned “Foxy’s” or get a spicy Bloody Mary at Vinnie’s, or known more commonly as Corsairs.

Over in White Bay, the beach is a perfect reflection of its name.  With powder – like sand and beach bars like the Soggy Dollar (who boasts the invention of the favored drink the Painkiller – though Pusser’s at Marina Cay might have something to say about that), Gertrude’s, Hendo’s and One Love, you will understand quickly why this beach is a favorite of many.

A few other spots around Jost to check out would be Foxy’s Taboo or B-Line, both of these spots will quickly entrance you with their own spin on beach bar and be sure not to miss Sandy Spit, a small cay that seems too beautiful and too serene to be real.


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