Trips to the US and British Virgin Islands

We have a variety of trips for you to choose from (detailed below) and we are always up to customize a trip package just for you. The great part is you can be confident that any of your choices you make will be a great experience.   Our 20+ years of local maritime experience coupled with our passion for the ocean and the islands makes for local knowledge that is unparalleled.  When you join us, look forward to a truly unique and rich experience.  Honestly, we are not your typical charter, which is a fact we have worked years to cultivate and are proud to offer.  Look forward to immersing yourself in an amazing experience including vibrant snorkeling, learning incredible + diverse local history, dropping by funky fun spots for lunch and drinks and so much more.  We’ll show you the well known hot spots as well as off the beaten path hidden gems.  While we do customize every single one of our trips based on what our guests want to do we offer a few main types of trips.  We can accommodate 6 passengers total.  All rates include fuel and are for the whole boat, not per person.

  • Half Day Trip: Our 1/2 Day Charter is the perfect blend between just enough and not to too much.   On the Eastern side of St. John we are blessed with several vibrant snorkel experiences – all affording you a unique underwater landscape.  Snorkel Witch Island’s dramatic rock structure covered in thriving coral reef, and/or head into Nye Bay, a favorite of turtles bordered by coral reef, teeming with diverse aquatic life just to to name a couple ideas among several. With the all new Lime Out joining us out here to the East, now we can easily drop by for some fresh tacos and craft cocktails during your half day as well! With approximately 4 hours on the water, just as any charter, where we go and how long we spend there is customized to you.  Curious about what Witch Island or Nye Bay are?  Check out our St. John: UNCOVERED charter!  Rate: $495 (includes fuel & captains fee but NOT gratuity)
  • FlyOut to LimeOutVI Special!Our FlyOut to LimeOut Special is another option for you to snorkel the vibrant reefs on the Eastern side of the island and enjoy a little more of Lime Out VI!  Enjoy 1-2 snorkel stops and a stop at LimeOutVI for up to 6 people!  This charter is still private, for up to 6 people and we will still customize where we go and the time we spend there to our group!  This is a 3 hour charter, a day with a little less time, but more lime!  Rate: $395 (includes fuel & captains fee but NOT gratuity)
  • St. John: UNCOVERED: St. John is not only a beautiful island but also one with an incredibly rich, diverse, and often unknown history.  Learn more about this awesome new option here. Rate: $745 (includes fuel & captains fee but NOT gratuity)
  • Full Day USVI Trip: This awesome day leaves the Coral Bay Dinghy Dock at 9 AM and returns around 3:30-4.  There are some very big advantages to staying in the USVI.  First off all, we have an abundance of reefs in USVI that are absolutely stunning.  Often, folks favor going to the BVI, but we gotta tell ya – you’re missing out on a ton here!  We can go to Pizza Pi VI for lunch, or perhaps you’d prefer to go to Water Island off STT, such a sweet little spot.  There are also two new places to lunch at and have some drinks on St. John, both Bikinis on the Beach and soon we will be able to enjoy the all new Lime Out floating taco bay as well!  Our USVI trips are where we really shine with our abundance of in depth local knowledge.  We would love to show you all the amazingness of the USVI!!!  The rate for this is $745 without Water Island OR $895 including Water Island (includes fuel & captains fee but NOT gratuity)
  • Full Day BVI Trip: This adventure leaves the Coral Bay Dinghy Dock at 9 AM and returns around 4 or 5.  As mentioned, there is no set schedule, and we listen to what is important to you.  Want to sit at White Bay kicking back with painkillers all day?  Done.  Want to see some of the best snorkeling spots after lunch at Foxy’s Taboo?  Sounds like a plan.  Ready for the shot ski and to jump off at the Willy T?  Soon we will all be up for that again with the new Willy T!  The point is – we love these islands and we love it when our guests have a blast, that’s the best. $895* + $65 -70** for customs (customs must be paid in cash). Once again, these rates include fuel and your captains fee, so everything but gratuity *BVI Trips are closed until the BVI reopens their borders due to COVID*
  • LAND AND SEA TOUR: This is a tour we are very excited to partner with Jenn of Explore St. John.  The day begins in Cruz Bay where Jenn will pick you up in her car and tour you throughout the St. John’s beaches, ruins, views and more.  You will finish up your morning by ending in Coral Bay where you will have a great lunch at one of Coral Bay’s great lunch spots.  Jenn will drop you off at the dinghy dock in Coral Bay where we will be ready to pick you up!  Then your latter half of the day will be touring St. John by the ocean with us!  We can explore shorelines only accessible by boat, stop by St. John cays, and we will take you back west where we will end in Cruz Bay where you began! We are all super excited about this tour, so contact us at or Jenn at today to book your tour today! *This tour is limited to 4ppl


  • Scuba Trips:Unfortunately, this is something we do not offer.  But, Our friends at Busy Bee Charters and Busy Bee Waters Sports Center do!  Check them out!  Whether you are an experienced diver or looking to get certified, they will take great care of you and show you some amazing diving!  Don’t miss out on checking out the beautiful underwater world – you will love it!  Busy Bee Charters
  • *For BVI trips going to the Baths there is an additional $100 fuel charge making that rate $895
  • **For BVI trips going to the Baths, customs is $75.  The additional $5 pp is a Park fee for the BVI for visiting the Baths.

These are our main types of trips, past that, its all about where you go, and we customize every trip to our guests, who also quickly become our friends.  So, take a look around our website to help you make a decision…or are you ready to book today?

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