Sir Francis Drake Channel

Sir Francis Drake Channel is a strait in the British Virgin Islands, separating the main island of Tortola from several smaller islands to the south, including St. John. It is through this channel we find lots of fun cays and hidden spots tp show you.Though the Sir Francis Drake Channel we find some of our most beautiful and unique places to show you. What is so awesome about the Channel, is we have the ability to island hop. We leave out of Coral Bay and usually turn North up into the Sir Francis Drake Channel looking straight onto Tortola.

West would be heading toward Jost Van Dyke and NorthEast would be looking up toward Virgin Gorda. Right before getting to Jost, on the Western side we have Sandy Spit, which some consider more part of Jost Van Dyke. Sandy Spit and Sandy Cay are positively dreamy white sandy small cays, boasting Corona commercials.

As we coast through the channel, there are countless simply exquisite snorkel stops, beach bars, cays and haunts to visit that will leave you loving the Virgin Islands even more than before.

A great place to stop off at is Salt Island. Not as well known to many tourists since it does not have a beach bar or any facilities, it instead offers its guests a peaceful and relaxing beautiful beach, usually pretty secluded versus many of the others you will find. This is a great stop if you have packed your lunch, as there is a little tiki hut to eat your lunch under, a swing, and a perfect place for treasures as you walk along the shore…

One of our favorite places along the Sir Francis Drake Channel is the Indians. This is some the best snorkeling you will ever find in the British Virgin Islands.

The Indians have been named this as the rocks strut out of the water like a feather head dress, but the vibrance and life you will see under water along the Indians is absolutely phenomenal. This is a stop along the channel that is not to be missed! Ask your captain about the swim through tunnel if your extra adventurous, but this stop is always sure to be an incredible snorkel you will be unlikely to forget.

Further up the Channel we find one of our favorite little islands, Cooper Island. This beautiful island has a fun beach bar of its own with very tasty drinks and eats.  What’s tons of fun is its vibe, super relaxed and a very classy feel.  This is also a spot where you can get wifi!

From Beach bars to hidden harbors, we have you covered.  There are so many stunning and serene spots to be seen, we have been doing this for 18 years and we still are humbled by the Virgin Islands beauty all the time.  Welcome to one of the most beautiful corner’s of the Earth.

We have made it our life to make it the best day of your vacation, exploring these waters.  We will also make you this one promise….If you don’t have fun, you don’t pay for the trip.  That simple.

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