FlyOut to LimeOut

FlyOut to LimeOut

Join us aboard Wandalust, the newest vessel in our fleet! She is now available for 2 hour “shuttle” trips to Lime Out VI for amazing craft cocktails and tasty tacos!  This precious 1985 harbor launch weathered Hurricanes Irma and Maria and had begun to wither away in the bush until we and our dear friends joined forces decided to restore her. Like the water version of a phoenix, she rose from what felt would be her demise, and now she is where she belongs –  in Coral Bay having fun with friends!  Wandalust has been a Coral Bay vessel for years and it’s so such a great feeling to have her back to the harbor. 

Check out photos from her rebuild by following us on Facebook and on our Instagram page!  Don’t miss this boat FlyAway Friends!  She is as classy as they come! Wandalust books privately, in advance for 2 hours. To book you can email us at or call/text 340-514-9627.

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Here are some FAQs on how this great new option works:
Q: Where do I park?
A: Parking is available at the Coral Bay Dinghy Dock.

Q: I didn’t rent a car or I am coming from STT on the people ferry. Can I take a taxi to Coral Bay?
A: For sure! BUT you absolutely should set this taxi up in advance if you are though.  There are many great different taxi services, and we highly recommend Kedija Prentice at ‭ (340) 513-8562‬!  Kedija is one of the few taxi services offering pickup/dropoff services to Coral Bay.  We recommend reserving with Kedija as soon as you book your trip with us if you plan to use taxi services.

Q: What do I bring?
A: You are welcome to bring whatever you would like to be comfortable, our boat has ample seating, space, storage and shade. Things you may want to bring: sun protection, shoes, money, waterproof or water protected camera. If you have a dry bag we certainly recommend bringing it. You will be in the water at Lime Out so do not bring anything that can’t get wet. We do recommend wearing a coverup or t shirt, as walking in a swimsuit with no cover is not respectful to local law and customs.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation for the Fly Out to Lime Out 2 Hour Private Shuttle in advance?
A: Yes.  While the FlyOut to LimeOut Private Shuttle is a “shuttle” straight to Lime Out, it is also a  a captained private charter and needs to be reserved in advance so that we can provide you the best service possible.

Q: I don’t have a reservation for the shuttle but I was hoping to go to Lime Out the same day, can I take the shuttle?

A: If you’re trying to head out last minute and you don’t have a shuttle reserved, we encourage you to give us a call or a text and see if maybe we have a last minute opening @ 340-514-9627.  One call/text works though – calling us repeatedly back to back (current record holder is 9 times in a row) will not help you get a reservation.  If we have not answered, we may be on the other line, or putting our son down for a nap, but we promise to call you back as soon as we can and you can always shoot us a text.  Do be aware, we may also be out of service or unavailable and your best chance is to reserve your shuttle in advance.  

Q: How many people can go on the boat at once?
A: 6 ppl

Q: Is the shuttle private or per per person?
A: The shuttle is booked privately for your group, but you are welcome to find another group to split the shuttle with and many do.  We do not arrange split groups as a service.

Q: I just want a quick taco – I don’t need the boat for 2 hours. Can the shuttle just drop me off real fast?
A: No.  Per the USCG, the boat has to stay with the guests while the guests are at Lime Out.

Q: What times does the shuttle run?
A: 10:45AM; 1PM; 3:15PM

Q: Will we stay on the boat or get to hang out at Lime Out?
A:  As long as there is a float available, you will be able to go into Lime Out.  Otherwise you can hang out aboard our boat and enjoy the water around us, Lime there and Lime Out can deliver your order to our boat.  We have our own floats for you to enjoy, ample shade and seating aboard the boat, and fun will be had either way!

For any other questions, please contact us.
Call or text 1-340-514-9627 or 1-340-514-7403
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