Our New Logo: The Story, the Artist and the Design!

Our New Logo: The Story, the Artist and the Design!

AVAST YE!  Happy Monday FlyAway Friends!  We are so excited to share our news with you: our new logo!  We here at FlyAway Charters are every bit of a small, family owned company and so our growth steps are small – but to us they are huge – which makes them all the more exciting for us to share them with you!  Our new logo is the first of many exciting changes we will be sharing with you over the upcoming weeks!  

THE STORY: While we love our traditional logo we yearned for something fresh that captured even more of our salty, sea loving vibes + something our FlyAway Crews (guests) could connect with.  Our traditional logo was a product of our hearts, finished quickly in our post Irma world to get on the rebuilt Coral Bay Triangle sign (shout out to Chris K for all


his help w/the sign back in 2018 + artist Bryan McKinney!)!  This new logo’s months long journey, started with my (Leah’s) idea, Colin’s sketches, and my bumbled drawings – much like the first.   Our ideas were there – but we needed a graphic design artist with loads of patience.  

THE ARTIST: Enter – JuliaRose!  Julia and her family have been chartering us for years and become like family to us.  She is an incredibly skilled artist who is in grad school to become an art therapist and integrate the worlds of mental health and creative, artistic expression.  We showed Julia our ideas while on charter last


summer and she thankfully jumped at the idea of being involved.  After countless revisions, we are absolutely elated with the beautiful design that Julia made a reality for us.  Check out more of Julia’s work here!

THE DESIGN: The design is overflowing with personal touches, elements of our lives + mine and Colin’s story woven throughout it, from our Thatch Palm, to the lobster (one of the ways Colin and I “courted” – diving and lobstering), to the shape of skull and crossbones modeled after one of our favorite pirate’s flag (Sam
Bellamy – not your “typical” terrible pirate) and so much more!  The great thing about this logo is it offers connection for everyone to their experiences and memories amongst the sea.  



☠️ Sunshirts in charcoal and “FlyAway Blue” aka royal blue 

☠️ More undersea creature designs like this one

☠️ More merch options!

HOW TO GET YOURS!:  Reach out over FB, Insta, email, or text to place your order!  We have limited stock of the SEAFOAM color – so get your order in to be filled immediately and we will all look forward to more together!