Hello 2021!

Hello 2021!

Looking FORWARD to 2021!


Just as we always do as a new year begins, we too are finding ourselves reflective and excited with this new year dawning.  But 2021 brings an even greater sense of anticipation as we all seek to shed the frustrations, sadness and all the anguish 2020 brought with it.  But as we look back on 2020 I hope we can always remember what we learned in 2020 and the blessings it brought as well.  I know there was great loss, struggles and pain, we were in the middle of it too, but there was also growth, both personally and as a society.  We were able to spend more time with ourselves and our families and we were able to see that our society is able to change – and fast if necessary.  Us Hansons, we are super excited for 2021 and so optimistic for countless reasons and we hope you are too!  We also feel that optimism is incredibly contagious and we hope you catch THAT contagion and pass it on to everyone you know!  2021 holds so much promise for all of us.Down here in the VI we are looking forward to a great season with so many exciting things to offer you this season!! 


We are beginning to offer our Private Lime Out Shuttle Service on Mondays andThursdays (and sometimes additional days – so still inquire), but we still are offering our great private customized charters every day of the week – nothing has changed there.  Half days, full days, custom trips and so much more can be scheduled any day of the week, and we would love to have you.  We have more places than ever we can stop around the St. John coastline for lunch/cocktails between Lime Out, Skinnys, Zozo’s, Lovango, Honeymoon and Water Island.  So while we look forward to being welcomed back to the BVI waters for day trips again, we are super happy to be in the USVI any day.  The snorkeling has been superb (have you seen some of our snorkel pics lately?!? check out our FB feed!), we have also done some more research lately and have more St. John history to share, the boats are getting upgrades, and the water is just beautiful down here as always!

We’ve also got new merchandise we are so excited to share with you, we now have sun


shirts, tank tops, face masks, and stickers!  Look for our online store to be launched soon (as soon as Leah manages to figure it out during a Captain Thatch baby nap – haha!) We so look forward to having you join us whenever you feel that time is right!!  Let’s be optimistic and start 2021 with the optimism contagion and spread it around to everyone we know!  It’s going to be a beautiful year guys!  Cheers to 2021!!